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so my mom gave me the absolute okay to go to Atlanta next month. all that’s in the air is if Alex’s mom says it’s okay to stay with them for a couple days to you know hang out with my other ATL LT Ladies and i’m really excited. i mean i thought i was excited when i found out they would be this close to me, but that escalated quickly when ma dukes was like ‘Lex, i’ma let you go but i wanna talk to Alex mom, i want you to have a full plan set out of what you will do and maybe possibly do, and when you go, be safe and don’t be tryna sexually assualt them nappy headed Q-tip twins, cause if you call me from some Georgia jail tellin me you followed them back to their hotel and tried to rape, what’s his name … Larry, yeah him. i’m gone let yo ass sit up there do yo time, and then when you get out a year later, WHOOP YO LIL FAST ASS.' (mind you i am almost 20, i don't see how that's fast but to each their own). but Agnes' video of the workshop just sent me completely overboard. i mean i keep watching that dag-gum clip every time it reappears on my dash and my smile has not wavered since she first posted it. just to think, that'll be me hearing them yell at the top of their lungs (if it was anyone else, i'd pimp slap they ass but it isn't so i digress), the music, watching them, gahhh. it's just all so surreal man. i feel like i have passed and floated into fangirl heaven. this is just a really nice feeling and mannnnnn this is just so perfect. they're perfect (as they can be cause you know … no one is really 100% perfect). JESUS TAKE ME AFTER I SEE THEM. DON’T TAKE ME NOW I WANNA WEEP AND SWOON AT THE SIGHT OF THEM BEFORE I KEEL OVER FROM TOO MANY FEELS IN ONE PLACE AT ONE TIME. holy shit, imagine if it’s not a lot of people at this workshop like at the others and it’s majority LT Ladies and then they’ll have to love us. lmfao let me stop before i keel over now. 

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